The health sector in Algeria is developed with a clear focus on free and universal access to primary health care to its population. Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees have access to free primary health care services.

Several non-governmental and international organizations also cater for basic medical needs of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, and, when/if need be, refer them to public and/or private hospitals and clinics.





For medical emergencies, migrants, asylum seekers and refugees may go to the nearest public hospital or public health care unit. Additional information on hospitals in Algeria are available at:


Medical Testing


In Algeria, medical testing is available at public health services under Ministry of Health Population and Hospital Reform or at private clinics.




The medical services vary from organization to organization. Also, depending on the type of medical aid needed, age and status, the patient will be directed to a different hospital or clinic for tests or a doctor’s consultation.


Private Sector


Medical services that are offered by private hospitals or clinics that host migrants and/or have agreements with certain NGOs.


Public Sector


Any public hospital in Algeria operating under the Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform, provide emergency and primary health care to all migrants, asylum seekers. Pending the availability of medicines or other consumables, patients may need to purchase their medicines at their own expense